Medical Malpractice In Houston

When medicine is mal-practiced, lives are put at risk. Many victims of medical malpractice have major life consequences; some suffer spinal injuries that keep them from ever walking again. Some victims lose limbs, and some die.

Doctors are generally careful while they operate on us and provide us with medicines, but everyone makes mistakes – even doctors. And like parents, it is societies’ responsibility to slap doctors on the hand and remind them to focus on their patients, when a mistake is made.

Women with breast cancer have been known to have the wrong breast removed while in surgery to get rid of their cancer. Men have had the wrong testicle removed while being “cured” of testicular cancer. Babies have been aborted from the wrong mothers, incorrect dosages have been prescribed to routine patients, and people have been kept alive on machines against their will.

These are just some of the injustices caused by medical malpractice, and they are some of the most extreme. However, medical malpractice, in whatever form, causes victims heartache, frustration, stress, and financial problems.

It isn’t free to be treated at hospitals, and the results of medical malpractice could send someone to the doctor for years trying to have their problem corrected. These visits are expensive, and it isn’t right for the victim to be financially liable for the mounting medical bills.

Some victims are unable to ever walk again, much less work. Victims who have always supported their families but now find themselves unable to work also often find themselves broke and unable to pay any of their bills. If someone in the medical field has caused you to be unable to pay your usual bills, that person needs to take care of your financial problems. You didn’t cause this situation and you shouldn’t have to deal with the stress or bills.

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