The Causes Of A Truck Accident

Accidents in Houston involving 18-wheelers is becoming an all too frequent occurrence. These types of accidents have serious consequences because of the size differential between the 18-wheel and the other vehicle involved in the accident. When loaded, an 18-wheeler can weigh upwards to 60,000 pounds, where as a car, truck or SUV will weigh significantly less. Put the two together and the other vehicle will sustain the brunt of the damage and the occupants will receive most of the injuries.

Here are some common causes of 18-wheeler accidents. Semi trucks can have tremendous blind spots. Due to the size, it is critical that mirrors are adjusted to ensure the driver has a clear view of all traffic. Also, many times these trucks are improperly loaded. If the trucks are not loaded correctly, there is always the potential for the driver to lose control because the load shifts to one side. This can cause the trailer to flip or the driver to lose control of the truck. This problem is also compounded if the driver is going too fast. Excessive speed combined with an unbalanced load make for a dangerous combination.

An improperly maintained vehicle is also an accident waiting to happen. While 18-wheelers are supposed to be maintained by the drivers or the trucking companies they word for, many times, these procedures are ignored in an effort to keep these trucks on the road. If an 18-wheeler has brake or tire failure, the vehicle is more likely to cause a serious accident than other vehicles due to the size and weight.

Also trucking companies make their money by getting goods to customers as quickly as possible. Pressure is put on the drivers to get loads to their destination as quickly as possible. This sort of pressure will sometimes force drivers to take risks such as driving too fast, driving when exhausted or even taking stimulants to stay awake. All of these practices make them very dangerous on the roadways.

If you have been injured by an 18-wheeler, you could be faced with a long road to recovery filled with pain and expense. However, you shouldn’t have to be responsible for the medical bills and lost wages due to the negligence of others. Contact the Houston Truck Accident Attorney of The Gerardo Cantu Law Firm, P.C. for a free evaluation of your case.

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